AR 2010, Results to Date and Perspectives

Results to Date and Perspectives

Annual Report 2010

In June 2010, there was a second meeting of the Managers, with the presence of Denise Vilarinho Tambourgi, Jonas Perales, Maria Elena of Lima Perez Garcia and Yara Cury, who replaced Paulo Lee Ho as manager.

On March 29, 2011, the third meeting of the Managers took place, with Martha Marandino taking the place of Jonas Perales, providing emphasis to the branch involved with education policies and dissemination of knowledge. In the last, the Coordinator talked about the 1st Meeting on the Evaluation of the INCTs, promoted by CNPq in Brasilia, and the importance of this event in the scope of the development of Science and Technology in Brazil. Also reported was the cooperation between the INCTTOX and the partner INCTs, especially the National Institute of Science and Technology of Structural Biotechnology and Medicinal Chemistry in Infectious Diseases [INBEQMEDI] – Coordinated by Prof. Glaucius Oliva, and the National Institute of Science and Technology of Investigation in Immunology [III] – Coordinated by Prof. Jorge Kalil. During this meeting, we were approached by other INCTs, among which the INCT Biodiversity and Land Use in the Amazon Coordinated by Dr. Ima Célia Guimarães Vieira, and very likely, we will soon begin collaborative studies.

In the meetings with the Managers, there was a discussion of the distribution of funds and the future of Scholarships. Furthermore, following the suggestion of the Coordinator, the incorporation of two new research groups of the Federal University of Campina Grande – Paraiba and of the Botany Institute of São Paulo in INCTTOX was approved.

On February 3 and 4, 2011, the Annual General Meeting of INCTTOX was held at the Butantan Institute, with the participation of 123 researchers, scientific initiation students, master’s and doctoral students and of post-doctoral fellows. There was a presentation by the Coordinators of the Subprograms and three expositions by the researchers or graduate students of each of these, in order to integrate the different groups and promote interchange between the various Subprograms.

The institutional website continues to be heavily visited, as well as the virtual learning environment, important means of internal communication and instruments of mediation between students, non-specialists and the scientific community.

INCTTOX supported the Post-Graduation Program in Biochemistry and Immunology of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, at the V Annual Meeting of Research in Biochemistry and Immunology, on November 18-19, in Belo Horizonte, MG, with the theme Expanding the frontiers of knowledge, and with the implementation of the multiple syntheses of peptides apparatus (Multipep-Intavis), acquired by INCTTOX. The Laboratory of Immunochemistry of Proteins of the Department of Biochemistry and Immunology, of the Institute of Biological Sciences, UFMG, offered the Course of Identification and synthesis of epitopes in proteins, during February 28 to March 4.

During this year, the Coordinator, the Vice-Coordinator and researchers of INCTTOX were in different meetings about subjects of interest to INCTTOX, and attending invitations to describe the Project:

  • The Coordinator presented the talk on Broken Mirror: Toxins and Immunity on March 18, 2010, during the commemorations of the 25th anniversary of the Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences (MAST-RJ), in the seminary Sciences and Frontiers;
  • Lecture by the Coordinator, Perspectives of the Project Butantan Amazonia, in the event Amazonia for the Brazilian Industry, promoted by FIESP – SP on April 19, 2010;
  • Lecture by the Coordinator, Toxins and Understanding, and meeting with Teaching staff and Students in the Federal University of Campina Grande, Cuité Campus, on May 19-20, 2010;
  • The DTI scholarship fellows of INCTTOX, Djana Contier and Adriano Dias Oliveira participated representing INCTTOX in the 4th CNCTI in Brasilia in May 26 -28, 2010;
  • Toxins and Generation of Knowledge, Lecture by the Coordinator in the VI Workshop GESITI [Management, Systems and Technologies of Information] and II GESITI – Health, taking place in the Center of Technology of Information Renato Archer, Campinas, June 17-18, 2010;
  • Accidents by Poisonous Animals: Neglected Diseases Affecting Developing Countries, Conference proffered by the Vice-Coordinator Denise V. Tambourgi, during the 62nd Annual Meeting of SBPC in Natal/RN, July 25-30, 2010. Also during this SBPC, there was the Symposium ACCIDENTS BY POISONOUS ANIMALS IN BRAZIL, coordinated by Denise V. Tambourgi , with the participation of Luis Eduardo Ribeiro da Cunha (IVB) and Pedro Pereira of Oliveira Pardal (UFPA);
  • Meeting in July 27, 2010, during the 62nd Annual Meeting of SBPC, 13 Coordinators of National Institutes of Science and Technology (INCTs), including the Vice-Coordinator of INCTTOX, Denise V. Tambourgi, exchanged experiences in the difficulties with the governing of their institutions and decided to meet to propose measures for improvements. We decided to prepare a document with suggestions, to be delivered to the President of the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). A core of seven Coordinators of INCTs, under the coordination of Dr. Jailson de Andrade, and with the representation of INCTTOX by Dr. Denise V. Tambourgi, met with Dr. Carlos Aragão, President of CNPq, in Brasilia, on September 9, 2010.
  • A Motion, a product of discussions that occurred in the Symposium ACCIDENTS BY POISONOUS ANIMALS IN BRAZIL, coordinated by Denise V. Tambourgi, requesting that the distribution of sera in Brazil be effective so that all Brazilians have access to serum therapy, including the policy together with ANVISA in order to release rapidly new formulations, to be sent to the President of the Republic and Minister of Health, was unanimously approved and greatly applauded, in the General Assembly of SBPC, on June 29, 2010, with many signatures, including those of the Counselors, Vice-Presidents and President of SBPC, Regional Secretaries of the Society and other authorities present at the 62nd Annual Meeting of SBPC;
  • Tour of Santarem and Belterra and Lecture by the Coordinator during the 5th Meeting of Butantan in Amazonia, which took place in Santarem, Para, on October 4-10, 2010, with the central theme Natural Heritage of Amazonia in the Year of Biodiversity;
  • On the occasion of the 1st Meeting of Evaluation of the INCTs in Brasilia, on November 23-24, 2010, the Coordinator of INCTTOX participated in the 2nd Meeting of Coordinators of the INCTs at the Headquarters of the CNPq, on the 22nd;
  • During the XI Congress of the Brazilian Society of Toxinology, in Araxa, MG, on November 26, 2010, under the Coordination of the investigators Yara Cury and Paulo Sergio Beirão, the Satellite Symposium INCTTOX: ADVANCES OF BRAZILIAN TOXINOLOGY took place.
  • Support of INCTTOX in the edition and publication of the book: PRACTICAL MANUAL ON USE AND CARE OF ANIMALS IN THE LABORATORY, in São Paulo, December 4, 2010;
  • Meeting with Drs. Ricardo Gattass and Ricardo Rosa, of the Area of Universities of FINEP – April 5, 2011 – Rio de Janeiro.


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